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Observation Tower - Ranchi
An aspirational urban insertion in the promising city of Ranchi to host India's tallest observation deck and a revolving restaurant towering at 500 feet.
Padukone - Dravid Centre For Sports Excellence
First of its kind private facility in India built on 16.5 acres of land which establishes itself as a centre for excellence in sports training.
Kerala Cultural Centers - Kasargod (Ongoing)
A Kerala State government project where in the proposal was to develop a cultural center in each of the 14 districts of the state which promotes the diverse culture of kerala and uplifts the livelihood of the locals being rooted to their ways of life.
Indian Institute Of Information Technology - Kurnool
A government of India initiative to develop India’s biggest institute for information technology spread across 151 acres of a mountaneous terrain with a drop of 81m and three large valley systems crossing through a metamorphic site.
Urban Design & Architecture
Spectra Apartments Whitefield, Bengaluru
A new kind of architecture that expresses a new way of life in tandem to the city’s soaring aspirations. A new trend in the residential typology which is coherent to the principles of sustainability and urban farming.
Hotel Attide, Bengaluru
A 55 key boutique hotel
Architecture & Interiors
Ministry Of Information - Oman
Smart City - Mangalore
A smart city initiative project where in a a greenfield development was proposed in 500 acres of land to create an agglomeration for knowledge, wellness and sports to cater to the future growth of Mangalore city in a smart and a resilient manner.
Smart City - Shivamogga
A smart city initiative project where in the development of town of shivamogga was proposed such that its future would be determined by the growth of villages surrounding it, leading to a symbiotic and harmonious relationship of ecology and human habitat.
Redevelopment Of Dadar Railway Station - Mumbai
An urban surgery in the heart of city of mumbai to unparalyse its surrounding context and activate the railway station corridors as an enjoyable destination.
ITC - Apartments - Mysore
A residential complex consisting of 32 apartments proposed for high profile managers in the city of Mysore.
Kapil Tower - Hyderabad
A commercial office space designed to lease for market in the upcoming popular area of nanakramguda in the city of Hyderabad.
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